Tuesday, October 05, 2010

The Littlest Kindergartner

Zack in his Kindergarten Room
I am loving getting to go help in Zack's classroom.  I go once a week and Sammy comes with me.  I like getting to know the kids and seeing how the classroom operates.  This past week his teacher put me on a job I'm going to be continuing for several weeks - helping the kids sound out and write words for a repeating project.  Since all the kids are at different stages, I am really learning a lot.  It's interesting to see the different order in which skills develop - something you don't get a sense of when you are only watching your one child.  I'm also getting little tidbits here and there about how to teach.  Very rewarding.
Sammy at the Sand Table

Sammy has been shockingly easy to take along.  He seems to think he belongs there.  He would go every day if we had the opportunity.  The kids do get distracted by trying to hug on him, but other than that it hasn't been a disruption even.  He loves the class centers so between that and his snacks, he is entertained the whole time we're there.  The only time he interrupts is when he thinks it's his turn to do the Kindergarten projects!