Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sammy's Psyched for Halloween

You think Sammy's excited to be wearing his dinosaur costume to school today? He woke up asking, "I wear my costume dinosaur? I wear it to Turtles Class?"

My mom made this last year for my nephew and I'm beyond thrilled that it fit's Sammy this year. He's mighty proud of that tail.
After school he wanted to wear it to Walmart. I said sure. I mean, we were an over-tired extra-whiney spectacle, but at least it was a cute over-tired extra-whiney spectacle!  He didn't want to take it off to nap but I assured him he had a few more days of costume wearing to enjoy.


  1. Wow! Does your mom do work-for-hire?

  2. YAY!!!! I'm so glad it fits!!! He's adorable in it!
    (He also looks A LOT like Zack in that last photo- I really did a double take!)

  3. Thanks yall!

    And no, she doesn't! It was enough work I don't think the market could bear the price that would be needed to make it worth her while :) But that means I count myself and doubly lucky to have it.