Friday, October 01, 2010

A layout: Sicky Baby

This was a fun layout because I used this cool piece of postage stamp cut paper that I've been hoarding forever! A friend gave it to me back during our Scrapbooking Retreat and it's so cute. It is shimmery with that great cut-out border shape. I spread it over two pages to bring the double layout together.

When I originally started this layout, I had a little 2 x 3" piece of paper designated for journaling. When I started writing on scratch paper, however, I remembered so much about this time that I wanted written down as part of the story.  I just went back and looked at my blog post for this time and now I realize there was even more I'd forgotten!  That's ok, I like the feeling of having my version of the story at the time (even longer than the journaling here) and my version in retrospect. 

A few interesting crafty notes - the cork is an actual cork, just sliced with a kitchen knife and glued on.  The green accent pieces are not purchased embellishments but circles of the paper I cut out by punch or by hand, depending on the size.  The graph paper was the backing to a sticker set that I liked.  Its very glossy and I was concerned my journaling would smear, so I wrote it all, then used embossing powder and heat setting.  The words are not all embossed, but anything that was still wet is and it's firmly set with no smears.

Sammy really likes seeing these layouts on my worktable.  He's so excited to identify Granny or whomever is in the layout, but has no idea that baby is himself!

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