Thursday, May 13, 2010

Make your friends feel like Rock Stars

When I pulled out some cards to send to family recently, I realized everything I have made lately has a brown as part of the color scheme. I love browns and I was using some nature-inspired stamps, so it made sense to have lots of browns. But, I also decided I wanted to branch out into some other color schemes. A particular friend inspired this design and I really had fun with it. She said she got a kick out of the colors - something about feeling like a rock star, hee hee.

Check out the how-to on the twisty paper flower if you'd like to make a super-easy embellishment.


  1. I really should start making some of those flowers- I love them!

  2. Gorgeous! LOL - you are the scrap queen my dear!

  3. Thanks, girls!!

    Also, I though it was interesting that for whatever reason, the black card was really difficult to photograph.