Monday, May 10, 2010

Scrapbooking weekend and a layout

I had a great time this Saturday - some friends and I had been wanting to go to another scrapbooking retreat but it was just too hard to get away for two nights. So, we set up an all-day Saturday scrapbooking day. We arrived at 8am and worked until midnight - fun fun! I got several layouts for Sammy's baby book finished.

This layout was my favorite.

I really love this green background paper, echoing the color in the photos, and the printed flower on the left. I stepped out of my comfort zone by using a craft knife (not my usual skill set!) to cut out the petals on one flower and the stem of another so that I could tuck my pictures underneath them. I love that little felt tree (an extra from this set of cards). I'm also very fond of those bath pictures so there were a lot of things about the layout I really enjoyed.

After I got the entire thing done and the title "SEPTEMBER" completed in embossed ink (being extra careful to spell it correctly since I was working letter by letter), I suddenly realized, "What am I thinking! THIS WAS OCTOBER!"

I am going month-by-month for Sammy's baby book, doing a layout for each month and extras for other specific stories I want to tell. Even though I don't plan to continue this chronological ordering in my other scrapbooks, I wanted to show how much the baby changed each month when he was so little. The chronology is important to this story. I had skipped September because I had to reprint the pictures for it and I hadn't had time to pick them up before my craft-errific workday. I guess that threw me off because when I was ready to do the next spread, I titled it incorrectly.

At least we all got a good laugh about that!

Thanks to my crafting partners and my sister I have a plan for "fixing" it. That's how it goes some days, right?


  1. I'm so jealous of your craft day- for some reason, none of my friends are all that interested...

  2. Poor Deanna! It really is a gorgeous layout, whatever month it's for!

  3. Hee hee, thanks, Cheryl. I made the fixes yesterday, I'll try to post a new photo soon!

    Julie - virtual Skype crafting session! Not the same, I know...