Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Makin' Stuff

I was in such a funk the other night. It had been a long, long day with the children and dinner wasn't coming together and James was late coming home... one of those overwhelming days. When the kids were finally in bed, I had no energy to do anything.

I've had my scrapbooking supplies out, consuming my entire dining room table, since the last time I did some good scrapbooking work - which unfortunately was quite some time ago. I knew I should put it all away but I wanted to make something first and I hadn't been able to summon up any creativity to do so. James agreed to sit with me and look at ideas from the Stampin' Up catalog - above and beyond a hubbie's call of duty, yes? I finally saw an idea I wanted to try right then.

There is something refreshing about making something. I heard a guy speak recently, someone about my age but really wise, about the desire to create something good being an innate part of the human nature, an aspect of how we were ourselves created that is at the deepest level of what we all want for our lives. Everyone wants to leave a positive legacy. What's amazing to me is what a tiny bit of creativity it takes to tap into that. Just this little card, made with James keeping me company and with the name of a recipient in mind, and I felt like myself again, or at least like a version of me I'd want to be with.

Technical Details: The frame shape is a scrap leftover from the die cut shape we used on this card at the card-making class I went to.

I stamped the butterflies and then tried to emboss them, but my ink isn't sticky enough - I can't wait to get some really great ink at my upcoming Stampin' Up party (if you are local and want to come, let me know!). James helped me cut out the butterflies (again - above and beyond the hubbie's call of duty).

The background is stamped lightly in gold metallic ink with flourish stamps. Love those flourish stamps!


  1. VERY pretty! I'm jealous of the recipient!

  2. I agree, very pretty indeed. What a nice way to end a day and brighten someone else's

  3. james is the best
    --kristen eastman

  4. Thanks, ladies!

    Now if I would just get it in the mail... ;)

    Kristen - it certainly wasn't the usual, but yes, he gets a gold star!