Tuesday, September 08, 2009

I'm On a Mission

This week I made up a bread mix I bought at a tasting party. It was through a direct marketing company and we tasted their regular bread mix at the party; I bought the wheat version and rushed to design a dinner around it so I could try the mix.

WOW. So, so, delicious. Seriously, we could eat this stuff daily. The children were trembling with joy at the yummy goodness. Here's a direct quote from Zack: "I wish I could eat all this, all the time, for ever and EVER!" Sammy broke out his first two-word phrase to beg "more bread" around his full-to-bursting mouthful.

I have a vision of a big stack of these mixes filling up a shelf of my pantry. Unfortunately, whether you call me "cheap" or "frugal" (or if you think that for good or for bad, those are really the same thing), the price tag for the mix is not going to fit the bill, so to speak, on a daily basis.

So here's the question of the day: Can I recreate this mix?

And if I can, will my children eat anything else ever again?


  1. OOH! If you figure it out, let me know!! My family LOVES it too.

  2. Whenever I pull out the Bread machine I gain like 10 pounds immediately! So yummy!

  3. Jennifer - will do! I liked the wheat so much, I thought it was even better than the regular, but I don't have any wheat flour now so I'm going to try a regular one. Fingers crossed!

    Lara - I know what you mean! And this doesn't even need the machine, it's just stir & bake. Dangerously easy!