Thursday, August 27, 2009

Cards from a Class

I was so excited to go to a card-making class last weekend! It was in the home of a Stampin' Up demonstrator (think Pampered Chef); you paid a supply fee and then got to make four things. I really liked the set up.

Check out the cute projects we made. Three are cards and one is a magnet (which I will probably work out a way to insert into a card front so the recipient can receive it as a card but then keep that part as a magnet). I really liked the ideas, and I liked the productive feeling of having the design already done and the supplies prepared so that I could just get the projects finished in one morning! Although I love doing my own designs, there is something so nice about finishing something right away (oh let's be honest: I'm lucky to finish something ever!). And I won a door prize. I'm hooked!

(As usual when I show cards I've made, I hope you'll not find receiving these very cards in the mail to be anti-climactic! Really, I love these, so if you get one, it means I love you.)

(And if you like these, don't forget to enter the giveaway for Arizonamade's lovely card set!!)


  1. I love these! I think I could get hooked on card-making. You know my love of useful art.

  2. Ooh - so clever of you to stamp the envelope with the purple ink to match!

  3. These are tooo cute!! Love them

  4. VERY nice!!! I love to see more design ideas! I won't ever be sad about receiving one of these cards!!!! The butterfly is my favorite- it that the magnet one?

  5. April - James and I were just talking about how it's a challenge to get to be creative, but get something useful out of it too.

    Cameron - Thank you!!

    Cheryl - thanks! Julie always does that. I ran back and did it at the last second :)

    Barbara - thank you. Love your neat site!

    Julie - Yes, the butterfly is the magnet. I bet you can help me figure out how to insert it into a card so it is obvious that it is to be pulled out and kept. I love the bookmarks you've done that way.

  6. Yay, Yay! I just received one of these beauties for my birthday!!!! Thank you!!!