Tuesday, October 14, 2008

What's for dinner?

This week we've had red peppers on sale, at about half the usual price (I won't say what it is, becuase I always feel a little foolish when my family recoils in horror at the grocery prices I pay. I guess groceries are cheaper in Arizona. I didn't google overpriced food Austin, I promise...). I don't think this photo does justice to how georgeous they are.

James used my first one on a pizza, which seemed like a waste at first but actually made for a fabulous pizza. So I got a few more and made stuffed peppers.

I made the recipe all wrong (it's not like this was a recipe I got from someone else - it's my own recipe!), mixing all the ingredients with the raw meat like I was making a meatloaf, then realizing I was supposed to brown the meat first and dumping the whole mix in the skillet. I didn't have all the ingredients, but it didn't matter at all. They turned out delicious!

I went out and got more. Next red pepper plan, coming right up!


  1. nice garnish!! I still like the name "Green Garnish" for your blog...

  2. Add a new skill to your idenity--food photographer. Beautiful pictures.