Friday, October 03, 2008

Two Things

Here are a couple of things I'm loving about being a mamma.
  1. The certainty that each of my kids is his own little person. Zack decided his age was three-and-a-whole. No one told him that. We had switched from saying "three and a half" to saying "almost four" or "four in september", but he had his own mind on the matter and no one was going to change it for him. Not much risk though, since most people had no idea what he was saying!
  2. The wonder of seeing them comprehend something I didn't think they could. Last night I was holding Sammy as we tried to convince ourselves to wrap up our fun conversations and head home. It was late and I knew we needed to get going. My friend April saw Sammy chewing on his fingers and said, "Aw, I think he's hungry." I looked at Sammy and he looked up at me and I said "I know sweetie, but we're going to wait until we get home to eat." Sammy put up the most awful frown and CRIED! He did not like that answer! At seven months, I'm astounded that he knew exactly what was going down. I love those moments when I realize I've been selling their understanding short.

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