Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Big day for Sammy

This morning when we went in to get Sammy, he was sitting instead of lying in his crib! He's been working really hard on learning to crawl. Right now he's at the stage of getting to all fours, then rocking back and forth but not moving. He occasionally jumps both knees forward like a little bunny and finds he has moved without really knowing how. When he gets tired, he splays out, landing on his tummy, swimming frustrated in the air. And that's where he stays until someone takes pity on him, because he won't roll back over on his back and can't get back up to a sitting position.

Make that couldn't.

When we discovered him sitting, James lowered the crib mattress a notch. I guess we're glad because the next time I went in to get him, he was STANDING in his crib! STANDING! He was not at all pleased that I took a picture instead of picking him immediately up but I couldn't resist.

It seems like Zack always had developmental jumps in multiple areas at the same time, so I guess I shouldn't be surprised, but he also made what seems like a huge jump in communication - he signed to ask for something! On Monday while Sammy was nursing, he made what I thought was the milk sign. Same on Tuesday. Then today, he was eating his solids and acting a little fussy. I couldn't figure out if he wanted me to feed him faster or stop feeding him and said so to Zack. Sammy then signed "milk". Oh! So he had milk. YAY for the beginning of communication!

I know these sound like little moments, but they are the moments that make me love being a mom.


  1. What a big boy! Time to lower that mattress! Love your new decor, BTW.

  2. What an exciting day. Small steps to us, two giant leaps for Sammy. He has been working on the sitting up maneuver for so long. And to also break into a communication code is truly exciting. I love the use of signing. You will have to refresh my elementary signs so I can communicate with him.

    It is days like this when we mothers understand how Mary treasured up things and pondered them in her heart. What treasures you have, Deanna.

  3. your baby knows SIGN LANGUAGE!!! holy cow. -- kristen