Saturday, October 18, 2008

First Cool Evening

It's been muggy in the evenings until late this week. Thursday night it was suddenly 56 degrees, a lovely little chill in the air. James requested chili and cornbread for dinner. Zack requested that we eat outside and roast marshmallows. I don't know how long it's been since we did that, but it must have made an impression on Zack.

We ate our chili outside, Zack's excitement sparkling in the evening air. He told us every bit of his day he could think of, then he and his daddy sat in front of the chiminea long after I had gone in to clean up the kitchen. I left the door open, enjoying the occasional piece of a phrase of Zack's latest story - yet another alteration on the three little pigs - as it drifted in with the fall breeze.

A cool evening indeed.


  1. mom tells me Z also got to wear his new winter pj's that night!!!

  2. Yes - when we came home from Elk Camp and the nights were still so warm he was asking to wear them. I said it was too warm and we went through the "tomorrow? the next night? the night after?" until I said he could wear them when started eating soup for dinner again. It hasn't been mentioned since.
    Last night he came in from outside and announced, "Mommy, I ate soup for dinner tonight." I'm thinking "uuuh, good for you?" when he follows it up with " can I wear my new jammies?". Ha! I love that kid's brain.