Monday, October 06, 2008

on blogging, facebook, etc.

Uh oh. Miss Manners has me in her cross hairs:
The novelty of being able to register oneself with the entire world and to keep an open diary and share every passing thought has seduced many people who have then found to their regret that unselective exposure does not equal popularity. (full article)
p.s. You know who you are, friend with the Miss Manners link in her blog. I got caught up and spent a ridiculous stretch of time reading about the horrors of arriving at a home with your own purchased coffee in hand.


  1. I read that one, too! (Actually, all of them.) And I hate to tell you, but the coffee one made me think of you. Gotta love Miss M.!

  2. oh yes, I'm busted on the coffee.

  3. whoa, what would she say if she knew that I often show up with a convenience store diet coke in my hand?

  4. ditto the convenience store diet coke