Monday, November 14, 2011

Fused Glass Plate

Check it out!! I'm so excited: I made a fused glass plate! I went to a class by my friend Amanda, otherwise known as . She had the tools and supplies in her glass studio at her home and we each got to make a plate in one of two shapes. It was very fun. No two looked ANYTHING alike! Everyone chose their own color combination and totally different designs. It was pretty cool to be able to create with glass and even though it sounds intimidating, it wasn't at all.

I intentionally chose a simple design so I wouldn't disappoint myself on the execution of my idea and I was happy with it. But the fired version is sooooo much prettier than I realized it would be! I was impressed! I loooove my plate. It was hard to photograph but it is very shiny and smooth and the glass has sparkles in it that didn't show up until after firing. It's very inspiring!

Also, if you live in the Austin area, Amanda is having an artist showcase in her studio on December 2 and 3. She'll be selling her work, as will other artists in the area. I'm going to sell some of my cards - something totally new for me! I'll post details as it gets closer.


  1. Wow Deanna! It is beautiful and amazing! I love the greens :)

  2. Ooh - I love it!!! I definitely want to do that class. I want to make a plate just like yours - that would be perfect for our living room.