Monday, February 21, 2011

Where Did January (and most of February) Go?

Where did the time go? Mostly to road-tripping and reading! We added another trip, this one to west Texas, to our mileage count, which does take a lot of time investment between preparing, going, and recovering.

But a LOT of time went to fiction.  Oh, fiction.  I continue to find myself unable to stop once I get started!  A friend brought me a series of eleven books.  ELEVEN fun, suspenseful, page-turning, can't-stop novels, so of course I had to read them all, in a row.  Sheesh.  Then once I was on a reading roll I had to read four or five more novels.  Fun stuff but it takes all my blogging, picture taking, scrapbooking and card making time (and some of my sleeping time too.  And perhaps some of my time that should be going to everything else).  I think I'm taking a little break from obsessive fiction reading.  I've started back on some scrapbooking that I want to show you and I even took some new pictures of my children - wow.

These are from last month, but hey, here they are - a rare snow event for Austin.


  1. I can't see the pictures. :( I'm on my iPad so maybe it's just me.

  2. Ok, I reloaded them. I can see them, but then I could see them before, so I hope it worked.

  3. Now I can see them. That snowman is awesome!