Friday, January 21, 2011

Little Travelers

In the last month, we've had our kids on the open road for over 3,033 miles of traveling.  Google maps claims that's approximately 54 hours of driving.  Sounds about right.  We went to Alamagordo to see my Granny, then on to Tucson for Christmas, stayed for a wedding, then home for less than two weeks, then back to Ruidoso to Ski Apache and home again.  When we booked our ski trip, MLK weekend didn't sound quite as close to our Christmas trip as it turned out to be!  But here's the thing:

It was fine!

Sure, there was some whining, some "are we there yet"s and even a "do NOT ask again how much farther this ENTIRE day!"  But, all in all, the kids have really grown into car travel.  I'm amazed, and rather relieved.  We thought back to how much Sammy fussed and cried on our car trip the year before (some extra views here), and how hard travel was when we couldn't explain ahead of time that it would be ALL day long... and realized how easy we have it now.  The boys read and looked and books, colored on pages on their clipboards and played little cardboard travel games.  On the Christmas trip they didn't even sleep except for maybe two hours at the very end.  We actually enjoyed the time - how crazy is that?!  I'm impressed with them and really grateful... especially as our next road trip looms on the horizon.

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