Thursday, February 24, 2011


Now that I'm back to scrapbooking again, I have to share a few layouts I've been doing!

This is a single page that serves as the last page in Sammy's baby album. It isn't the last page as in, "I'm done!", just the final page in the book. I did a double page spread about his party and then followed it with a little about his candle and cupcake that we did with just our immediate family.

A couple of things make me really excited about this layout. First, I learned to make the rosettes I'm seeing everywhere! I didn't get a die or anything and it turned out to be no big deal to make them by hand. I don't even have a score board but it didn't matter. My paper trimmer has some light lines in it so that I was able to use those as a guideline and score every quarter inch on a scrap strip of paper. Then accordion fold, glue into a loop and squish the center. Glue to a circle on the back to hold it in place and voila, rosette! If that's not a good explanation (and I admit it was a pretty sparse one) here's a video of Tim Holtz doing it. He's always fun to watch, though of course he's using the die he designed.

The second thing was that I picked up a little pack of metal keyhole embellishments at Joann's on extreme clearance and it was fun to stick one of them on here.  I put a little cork circle behind it as a base.

Finally, I was really thrilled to work in another layer of journaling to my story on this page. It's titled Wishes and I show Sammy blowing out his candle. But, I also wanted our prayer for our boys that we pray as a family each night to be in his book so I wrote that out as our wishes for him. I'm glad that's the last thing in the book, because it wraps up who we are as a family and what we wish for Sammy in a way that is meaningful for us.


  1. Ooh I love it! You are so good about journaling and you have great handwriting. The rosette is awesome and that keyhole is super cute, especially on the cork. You are so clever!

  2. I love the rosette and keyhole too! I keep meaning to try a rosette myself!

  3. Thanks, girls!! Yall are so encouraging.

    The next time I do a rosette I want to try making one edge scalloped for that slightly softer look (and to make it look like Tim Holtz's, ha!).