Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Snow Day

I grew up in the desert so I can tell you on behalf of all cities that almost never get snow: it is absolutely required that the whole city freak out on the occasion of a snowfall.

And you must post pictures.

Austin has had a cold winter compared to our usual, and they've threatened snow several times, but this time it actually happened. I have to say we made the most of it! Zack went to school before it started so I was thrilled to hear that his teachers took the kids (all five of 14 that showed up!) out when the big flakes started coming down.

Sammy and I went out in it, but even though there was some accumulation it was still so wet it was more like being out in the rain. He was desperate to be out there, but didn't know what to do and cried. So we came back in, but he cried more. So we went back out but he was getting totally soaked so after a few minutes we came back in. That to led to a full and complete meltdown (heh) and I had to bribe him to snacks to get him to calm down. It wasn't until Zack got home that they both really enjoyed playing.

The big treat of the day was that James' work sent him home early! We all played outside and then went to Chuy's for a late lunch - that's a treat for me! James worked from home while the kids napped but then they capped off the evening with a giant hot wheels track that ran all the way down the stairs, then up to a banister so that the cars flew out into the air like aerial ski jumpers. I ended up at the bottom trying to catch the flying cars. Sammy almost couldn't stand to eat dinner, he was so excited to get back to the car jumping. Good day!

[edited to add: this sounds very chipper, and today I'm feeling anything but. I'm finally giving in to this "cold" that appears to actually be a three-week bacterial upper respiratory infection and starting antibiotics. So far they (or something else?) are really hard on my stomach. Hope the evening is better than the day.]


  1. The pics are great! The snowman is especially precious. (:

    Boo for upper respiratory infection. I hope you get to feeling better very soon!

  2. Thanks Bethany!

    The snowman was out in front of Chuy's. The hostess had made it and was quite proud to point it out to us, so we had to take pictures :)

  3. I knew I recognized the Chuy's bench... Cute pics! Feel better soon!

  4. Beautiful Pictures! Here in NC we freak out as well at the first sign of snow. We might even get a dusting tonight!