Friday, February 12, 2010

Fun, in a Dip.

Really, we're eating Fun Dip?

I used to love a Fun Dip as my treat at our Bobby Sox Softball games. My mom thought they were ridiculous. Now I'm feeling the mom side of things. I couldn't believe it when one came home in Zack's "box of treasures" as he calls his Valentine mailbox from preschool. He didn't know what to do with it... I'm thinking I should have left it that way!


  1. I'm dying here, as I was just about to blog on the same subject!

    Melody came home with three fun-dips in her bag from school. THREE! Out of a class of 16 kids! Who in their right mind give six-year-olds fun dip?

  2. Three, sheesh! Wish I'd hidden it before it was seen ;)

  3. Ha! I loved getting those at the softball games too! What great memories! Think of it as creating great memories for your kids!

  4. Lily came home with one too. She decided to share it with Madeline. My girls were so messy. I loved those things as a child too. But, now all I have to say is... yuck!