Tuesday, February 23, 2010

How sweet, take a picture

One afternoon last week Zack woke up from his nap cranky and disoriented (which happens a lot) and we ended up just sitting on the couch watching Olympics and snuggling (usually it's much less cordial and someone ends up in tears). He's getting so big that extended cuddling has become all too rare. It was a really sweet time and I told James all about it.

So, when he noticed a similar scene playing out in the late evening another day, he very considerately grabbed the camera, knowing I would love to have a picture.

See what Zack thought of that?

What a little turkey, wrecking my "sweet moment" picture!


  1. The best part about this picture is that Z is almost cracking a smile. I think he's working hard to hold it in!!

  2. Ah, children ...

    You might appreciate this effort by Krystyn: http://www.reallyareyouserious.com/2010/02/mommy-and-me.html

  3. Sadia - funny that you mention that, I was reluctant to post this because I look so odd, but then, when do I have a picture of myself I really like! :)