Monday, January 25, 2010

Cook's Confession

I am addicted to Ramen Noodles. As a somewhat foodie type, I guess I'm not supposed to... but I don't care, I really love them. I have Ramen for lunch (or dinner if James is working late) multiple times a week. I crave them (hm, should that worry me?).

Now, I do fix 'em up - more or less depending on how energetic I'm feeling. I start with the Lime Shrimp flavor, add the juice of half a lime, dried parsley, lots of paprika, a few dashes of cayenne pepper, some turmeric, a small dallop of sour cream and a sprinkling of chopped scallions. Just to class up the joint, you know?
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  1. Yessssss. Because nothing says "class" like sour cream and scallions. Actually, though, yeah. That classes it up. kudos.

  2. Mom's recipe: Asian Noodle Slaw Soup
    In large pot, cook til nearly done 16 oz sliced thin raw chicken (or use 2 cups cooked diced chicken). Add & bring to a boil: 7 c water, 5 c finely sliced cabbage (1/2 head), & 3 pkg. Chicken flavor ramen noodles (broken up-save flavor packs). Stir & simmer 3 minutes. Turn off & add 3 flavor packets. Serves 4-5.
    I'm sure it could be enchanced by some onion or flavored oils but that's the basic recipe. I think we will have it for lunch this week. Childhood memories revisited thru food :)

  3. I assume you know all about I like ramen, but the nutritional information on the package makes me queasy, so we eat it maybe once a month. That's when I'm in charge. When Lucas is home, we eat it far more frequently, and that man can do magic with ramen.

  4. Sally, your comment reminded me of a coleslaw my mom made with ramen! I'm going to make it too :) Thanks for the recipe!

    Sadia, no I had never heard of that! Silly me, just using my ramen for soup ;) Thanks for that!

  5. I love ramen too- maybe cause mom was always such a 'home-cooked' kind of cooker that ramen was a special treat??? The only problem is that it never seems very salty anymore- maybe that tells you something about my salt intake...

  6. Julie, ha, yes it probably does say something about your salt intake! It still tastes salty to me, but I really like the extra spices. Try that- I think the turmeric is what is beneficial in curry so can't hurt to add it. And it's supposedly an anti-inflammatory and looking at my eyes, I need it.

    Hey, I think I just claimed Ramen as a health food! ;)