Friday, January 08, 2010

Customer Service

Remember my favorite Starbucks vat-o-coffee mug? Here I am, not apart from my mug even while opening presents on Christmas morning. Sadly, it broke! The threading inside the lid that closes it for leak-free travel broke off so that it wouldn't close anymore. I took it in to Starbucks and just showed it to them and I was so pleased at the cheerfulness with which they replaced it. Sometimes it seems to me that good customer service is disappearing, so I'm glad to report that Starbucks is still great!


  1. Starbucks does have really great service! I had a similar experience one time with an old mug :)

    I think I saw that cup at my local SB on clearance- I almost bought one, but then figured I was better off stickin' with the grandes, especially since I need an extra shot with those ventes....

  2. I noticed how cute your hair is in this picture and noticed it again this morning at church. I don't know if you're doing something different; if so, it's working.