Thursday, October 08, 2009

Happy Fifth!

It is hard for me to process that I am the mother of a FIVE year old!

Zack had a Biscuit Brothers Birthday, complete with concert-ticket invitations, guitar-shaped cake, farm-type food, bandanna-fabric napkins and shoebox banjos. If you don't know the Biscuit Brothers, they have a locally filmed PBS show about a musical farm. It is about elements of music, introduces classical pieces, and has a lot of fun folk music. Zack really loves them. We went and saw them in concert, and then saw them again on location where they film.

The concert invitations were really fun. I was a little overwhelmed with the thought of making them, so my sister designed them for me, then I printed them, embossed the No. 005 (for the fifth birthday) and added perforations to create a ticket stub look. Hey, she'll make them for you too!

We served ham and biscuit mini-sandwiches in a big chicken-wire basket, fruit, veggies and herb dip, and deviled eggs. What's more farm-like than deviled eggs, right? James had the idea to make the guitar strings into the Happy Birthday writing. I really thought that made the cake.

Our craft was just right for a small group. If it had been any more kids, I would have had to do more prep ahead of time, but as it was they did their own while I demonstrated, making one for Sammy. The idea was an imitation of a cigar-box guitar, but without the tobacco smell or power tools. We used shoeboxes with a hole in the front and at the end, plus some sturdy doubled cardboard for the handle. The rubber bands just wrap around the box rather than going up the neck of the guitar. Once we added those bridges (cut from a dowel), the sound was surprisingly good for just some rubber bands.

And the soundtrack for the party was really, really easy to select.

Happy Birthday to Zack!


  1. We still have and play our cigar-box guitar. Fabulous party!

  2. I'm glad the invitations worked out! I like making that kinda stuff on the computer- it's really very easy, just a little time intensive...

  3. Happy Birthday!

    That sounds like a great party. You know how much my girls love the Biscuit Brothers, particularly since Dusty confirmed that he does, in fact, talk about Melody in their show.

    I'm so bummed they're moving to a weekday, I called my cable company to cancel my service. I can't imagine that we'll watch any TV any more. (Then the cable company offered me 4 months free service. If we have the TV on for less than an hour a week, which I suspect will happen, I'll go ahead and cancel.)

  4. Thanks, Sadia!

    Yes, BB was always a Saturday morning treat. I need to start recording it whenever it comes on.

    We have two other favorite shows though - Between the Lions and Sid the Science Kid. I particularly think BtL is a quality show! Even if you cancel your cable, they are on regular antenna service, which is what we have.

    Although, less TV is never a bad thing, right? :)