Monday, October 12, 2009

We Can Be Taught

(It seemed like a shame to have a pictureless post so I'm including gratuitous cute picture.)

Sometimes I find current events a little discouraging. I've mentioned before that my ideas seem to run opposite to those on both sides of most debates. And too often I just don't know what to think. But, in watching a recent show that had some Vietnam War era flashbacks, I've realized something about this country. We didn't learn a lot of things one would hope for but we did learn something. Nobody is aiming their anger or disapproval at individual soldiers. The times of spitting on a veteran in a wheelchair are gone. The lesson - the shame at what went before and the determination not to repeat it - is etched deeply into our culture.

And that leads me to an encouraging conclusion: We can be taught. Our national consciousness can learn - as a whole, and across the political spectrum. I like that.


  1. Deanna, this post is especially poignant for me, hubby being in the Army and all. I'm torn, though. Yes (most) people manage not to blame soldiers for the wars this country is fighting, but this nation apparently didn't learn not to go in and fight someone else's fight. That mistake is being repeated, at the cost of lives. And personally, at the cost of my children growing up with their father at their side.

  2. Sadia - thanks for you comment, I know this is more personal for you. I also really appreciated the perspective you gave writing about hearing the news differently.