Friday, August 21, 2009

Scrapbooking Layout: Family Outing

I was really excited to try using a 12x12" photograph for the background of a scrapbooking layout. I took the large photo on the left page on a family outing to Pedrenales Falls outside Austin. See the heron? I was proud of capturing him on film (ok, "film")! I printed the photo as a 12x12 (which did cost me $3) and used it as the whole page.

I also tried stamping and embossing on both the metal-ring vellum tag (the left closeup) and on glossy paper (the right closeup). I wouldn't have tried either until I got embossing powder and a heat embossing tool, which is like a hair dryer with less air but more heat (happy birthday to me!). The raised result feels cool, and I like that I got to use some different materials.

This was one of several layouts that I got to do while my sister was here visiting - hopefully I'll get to photograph and show a few more soon!

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  1. Having seen this one first hand (and watch you make it) I have to let everyone else know that these photos of the photos really don't do them justice! The 12x12 photo with the heron is an amazing photo and the scrapbooking came out so nice!!! I'm very anxious to print something 12x12 myself!