Monday, August 24, 2009

Play Place

Last week a friend and I took our kids to an indoor play place full of jumping castles as a last hurrah before her son started kindergarten. It's not something we do much-- my frugal side doesn't go for the paying-fourteen-dollars-run-and-jump-when-the-playground-is-free thing very often.

The big boys had so much fun, which we expected. I wasn't sure what Sammy would really be up to-- at home he plays on his own some but most of the time he takes a lot of my intervention. If I'm cooking dinner, he doesn't play at all but hangs on my knee and cries. But at the jumpy place they had a little room of playhouses, play kitchens, little chairs and tables, toy dishes, etc. He could not have been any better entertained. He stumbled from one thing to the next, crawled up in a seat, back under a table, discovered a toy ladle, visited the train table, then did it all again - for hours. He required almost no intervention from me and was totally happy. I had relaxed conversation with my girlfriend on a pleasant couch in the air-conditioning. Then, when we got home, both boys took huge naps (and the next afternoon Sammy took another huge nap that I'm convinced was related). I had dinner at the ready and waiting point with no crying from anyone. I don't think I've been that relaxed on a weekday since we added a second kid to this household!

Would it be weird to go every day??


  1. One of those jumpy places opened down the road from us (, and we went there 3 weekends in a row! Since it's brand new, there are at most four other kids there at any one time. As hot as it is, indoor play is the only good way for the kiddos to expend energy, unless you're going to be at the park at 7:00 am, home by 9:30. And yes, we've done that too!

    So, perhaps it's weird to go every day, but at least we're equally weird!

  2. Toot! I commented on this yesterday but forgot to hit the final "post comment" button after the preview. I said it's not weird to go every day, but only if you go with me - otherwise the sleepy kid voodoo may not work. ;-)