Saturday, May 16, 2009

More Tricky Baby

Last week we were over at a friend's house for lunch and a playdate. I was sitting at the counter with Sammy playing on the floor beside me. A couple of minutes went by when I realized I wasn't hearing him anymore. I thought he'd gone into the hall but all the doors were closed, so I figured he was getting into things in their dining room or office. Nope. He must have gone into the living room to again pull a pile of papers off a side table and onto the head of our friend's baby. Nope. So I made the circut again, and then a third time. Now, I try not to panic, but really, where could he be and why wasn't he making any sounds? A vision of him under a bed somewhere soundlessly choking on one of the big brothers' marbles flashed through my mind. I enlisted my friend's help to look for him. WHERE WAS HE?????

Finally, we opened the bathroom door. There he was, at the top of a two-step stepstool, playing in the sink. He couldn't even climb ONE step of a stepstool yesterday! He had gone in and closed the door behind him -all the better to get enough buffer time to pull things off the counter, learn to climb a stepstool and make a water mess. At least the toilet lid was closed.

Today, as I was typing this story, I let Zack borrow my camera to take a few pictures. He took sixty-three. I didn't even take that many pictures on my honeymoon. When he came to show them to me I saw this one. What is Sammy doing in that picture? What does he have? Hey, that's my purse! Uh, I've got to go now...
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  1. Ah . . . this phase is SO much more fun the second time around.

  2. So fun. I love the pictures they take!


  3. Fasten a bell to that baby!! The silent ones are such a challenge.