Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Green stuff is pretty

This arrangement was the result of sticking all the trimmings from an overgrown, going-to-seed, leggy oregano plant into a vase. Oh yeah, I stuck some carrot tops in there too! This was all scraps that would otherwise have gone in the brush recycle or the compost with the lower leaves removed.

I needed some decoration for the serving table at our Mother's Day brunch for our class at church. I hadn't prepared (of course), so I made do with this and finished it off with some reused raffia. James said it looked a bit like a jar of weeds, but I thought it looked pretty! And I got some compliments on it.

Give it a try!


  1. On man's weeds is another man's treasure

  2. I think it's lovely, and I bet it smelled wonderful!