Thursday, May 28, 2009

Chilled Soup

Are you down with the chilled soups?

For a while now, soup has been a big standard in my diet. It definitely started when I was expecting Sammy, but it didn't end after he was born. The summer's arrival had me stymied about my lunches - I missed my soups, but who can eat hot soup after stepping in from the heat?

So now, I am trying some cold soups. So far, James is rather suspicious of the cold soup. I may have to reel him in with some sweet versions. Zack won't care if it's "cold" and "soup" - if it's sweet and fruity, I know he'll be interested!

Today's was chilled avocado cucumber soup. I was making it just for me, so I tried to make it spicy but it turned out mild. Still, it was delicious!


  1. Hum, I'm with James, but the picture may have me sold. I wish I could come over and do some taste tests before I go to the trouble to actually make the soup...

  2. I wish so too! I really like this one, but Zack *really* does not. I would love to have a taster!