Monday, October 14, 2013

Scrapbook Layout: Tee Ball


Sammy was so excited to be playing Tee Ball this past spring instead of just tagging along with big brother!  From his first game he was asking me too scrapbook his Tee Ball season.  I wanted to wait until the season was at least completed!  Of course, then when summer arrived I forgot all about it for a while, but here it is!

A lot of these pieces are from a little kit I had before Sammy was even born - the letter stickers, the mini cards at the top right of the photos, the green chipboard, the white flowered pieces.  Of course the washi tape is new, as is the ledger paper.  I have been thinking about throwing out/donating a bunch of my older supplies so maybe that's why these called to me - they wanted to be used on a layout instead? The life dreams of old supplies aside, it is pretty satisfying to find a use that I like for something that's been hanging around unused for too long.  It inspired me for my next layout too!

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