Thursday, August 02, 2012

Other Challenge Quilts

Want to see what all the other participants made out of our Reunion Challenge Fabric?  There were 9 projects - all different but all BRIGHT!   

A couple of interesting notes: 
  • Pooh Bear has "I'm just a little black rain cloud..." embroidered on the narrow burnt orange border. 
  • The draped one just to the right of Pooh Bear is a two-sided crazy quilt with lots of denim.  It was too heavy to hang but was really amazing and interesting!
  • The draped one, the baskets on to it's right and the large blocks in the bottom left are all done by beginning quilters, though they look GREAT.
  • The flower one in the middle of the third column is all hand-pieced and hand-quilted.  The flowers are 3-D.
  • The one in the bottom right has the center pinwheel area all made of Halloween fabrics!
It was interesting to see all the variety!

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