Thursday, June 09, 2011

I'm a little too excited about these books...

I've been eying this 39 Clues series for a while now.  I like Rick Riordan (from the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series) who wrote the first book plus the overall story arc.  There are ten books (or possibly more, or maybe the later ones are another series) written by various authors.  I finally decided they would be age-appropriate for Zack and I to read together so it's our first "summer project".  We're reading a little every day (and he's begging for more! Me? I read the whole thing to start with or I wouldn't have been able to stand it!).  

There is a mystery for the child heroes of the book to solve plus plenty of adventure and danger.  Until this year I've been limiting the amount of "high peril" (as it's called in some book reviews) in Zack's reading material, but he's matured a lot since starting school.  I still don't know where the quite right lines are, but I'm glad we're reading these!  

There are lots of hard words, I've discovered, that I didn't notice while previewing it (all the six year olds tell me what rendezvous means!).  But, he hasn't lost patience so here we go, off on our 39 Clues adventure!

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