Friday, July 01, 2011

Fill up the backseat with books and start driving!

We are just back from a trip to Arkansas - we decided to go on Monday, planned it on Tuesday and Wednesday, and left (a night early!) on Thursday evening for a week of checking out various sights. We were planning to leave on Friday when our Thursday evening plans were unexpectedly canceled James declared, "Let's leave tonight!" and promptly left for work. The boys spent the day crying, "I want to go on a trip, I want to go to hotel, I was to go to museuuuuuuuuum!" so I packed as best I could (I am LOUSY at packing!) and James got us on the road just a couple hours after he got off work.

We just went to Ft. Worth the first night. It would have been an easy drive except the highways were closed for roadwork at TWO different places on the way to the hotel. It was midnight and we were stuck stopped on the road with all the other late-night drivers even though the hotel was only two miles away. The boys were so excited to be going that I don't think they even slept.  On the bright side, they seemed to have learned to love road trips! 

I'm hoping to post some travel highlights over the next few days.


  1. How great!!! NJ is about there i think, but LS is still in the protest-against-carseats stage... I guess a few more years and we'll be able to enjoy road trips too!

  2. Yeah, it's amazing how much easier it is when then kids don't mind the drive! LS will be there soon. By that time yall will be wanting to come here for Xmas! ;)