Monday, May 23, 2011

Scrapbook Layout: Enchanted Rock

This is the layout detailing our Spring Break day trip to Enchanted Rock.  I know it doesn't show, but the background paper has glitter embedded in the polka dots and the striped paper has glitter in some of the stripes.  The copper paper in the matting of the large photo and the little leaves is really nice and metallic!  It came from Michaels and it's really pretty. 

I originally had this layout designed with the two striped paper strips even with one another but it just seemed so boring.  I was unhappy with not having any "art" in it.  I had to add the white torn pieces, stamping, and the copper wire and beads.  Then it was artsy enough for me to call it done!


  1. I love this layout! Too bad the wire doesn't show up as much in the pic as it does in person. It really makes the layout. So creative!

  2. Love it! I love how you ripped the white paper for your journalling!!

  3. Oh I love the Mariner's star! (Do you still call it that when it's not in a quilt?) I also love the beads on the wire- I've been wondering what else to do with my wire...