Saturday, April 16, 2011

Wow, that's quite a prize pack!

**Please tell me the photos worked this time?  I'm getting so tired of uploading them only to find that I can see them but others can't!

A little while back I won a weekly giveaway from Write.Click.Scrapbook. I really like the blog there, or "the inspiration collective", as they call it. There is a different author every week, who posts each day on a themed subject - it may be about mini books one week, or journaling or taking better photos, or incorporating art techniques. Always different perspectives and a lot of talented scrapbookers showing their work. The giveaways are on Thursdays if you are interested in entering.

I was thrilled to win, but I will say the packs they showed did not do my prize pack justice!!
From this photo, you see four packs of Basic Grey paper, but not how rich the packs are.  I had to spread them all out and take pictures of all the sheets!  Also, when I got my packs there were FIVE instead of four, plus a bunch of 3D embellishments!  The girl who was mailing them was out of town and they came later than I expected, so maybe she threw in some extra goodies because of that?  The last pack was missing the alphas and stickers, but the 3D stuff I wasn't expecting matches it.  Whatever the reason, I say Lucky Me!

Also, I guess I've never actually purchased Basic Grey before (how could that be? It's soooo beautiful!) so I didn't know how really lovely the paper quality is or how sturdy the cardstock stickers are.  There are 18 pages of patterned cardstock per pack.  They are double sided with great designs front and back.  And each set comes with TWO designs of matching alphas and a full sheet of coordinating cardstock stickers with a really nice matte finish (no old-school "sticker" look here).  If Basic Grey thought they were going two make a new convert with their giveaway, they were right!


  1. I can see the pictures. What a lovely collection!! I am a convert just looking at your prize stash.

  2. Congrats on your huge win!! Sooooo much gorgeousness!!! LOVE Basic Grey :)