Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Scrapbook Layout: Squinty Smile

Here is a layout I had started last month and finally got back around to.  It's a layout for a particular month of Sammy's first year book, but I wanted to focus on one picture and story.  I put the photos from the month on the left side and the story and focus photo on the right side.  As far as design goes, I don't find the balance to be just right.  But, as far as memory capturing goes, I like it. 

I used my Big Shot (more about my Big Shot here) to emboss a rectangle of aluminum foil (yep, regular foil from the kitchen) to accent the main photo.  I have a large paperboard tag that I painted with craft acrylics.  There is black satin ribbon, a distressed flower made of regular white paper and colored with Perfect Pearls.  I even have this weird blue tape/ribbon stuff that we'll call a "found item".  At the risk of grossing you out, I'll tell you it was medical tape they used to stick a cotton ball on my arm after taking blood.  But, it didn't get dirty, really!  The texture was so interesting I pulled it right off and stuck it in my stash (yes, I'm aware I'm a weirdo).  The purple accents are a stiff plastic that came in a multipack of large words.  Even though they are a little opposite - the script Love verses the quirky You're Funny - I liked them both. 

Since it doesn't have the focus and flow I was hoping for overall, I'm reminding myself what I like about it.  I like to see that I've branched out a little from what I usually (or used) to do.  I like the mix of textures.  Most of all, I like that Sammy face!


  1. I love it! I love the aluminum foil!!

  2. LOL Deanna - you are cracking me up with the medical tape! But it looks great - you're right! What an adorable picture of Sammy and I think it's a gorgeous spread. Cute cute cute!

  3. well you know I think it turned out great! you're making me want to get my paper-crafting stuff back out!