Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Quilt Show

I decided that in honor of finishing my first quilt ever (oh, I've started lots and lots.  And designed them for my mom to make.  But finishing one myself is another matter entirely!), I would enter it into this year's quilt show. 

The Austin Area Quilt Guild hosts a show every two years.  It is a big show - this year in the Palmer Events center - with tons of quilts.  
Here are some of my favorites.  The first two in each row are a quilt and a closeup image of the same quilt.  The one at the top right won Best in Show.  There were a few strange pieces (or what I view as strange - that doesn't mean anyone else does!) but a lot of really amazing work.  Even some strange ones were beautiful art. 

My mom and granny were here for the show and we spent a long time walking through and making sure we saw absolutely everything. My dad kept Sammy entertained and he says they had a good time too.  I'll definitely be going in future years, and hopefully getting to enter more work!


  1. and hopefully you'll have co-quilt showers and granddad-babysitters next time too!

  2. This was the first quilt show I attended. I had no idea what to take of it, and was amazed by the talent of the Austin quilters. I can't wait till the 2012 show! I am totally going to enter a quilt. :)

    BTW, Third row, left & middle photos: that was Shelly's. She attended a few of the Austin Modern Quilt Guild meetings at the beginning of the year. She brought those leaves to the meetings to cut them out. She had piles and piles of leaves! It was amazing to see the effort it took to cut out the batik leaves. I couldn't imagine the work it took to complete that quilt. It was so beautiful!!

  3. Bobbi, I agree, it was so much fun! I want to see what you enter too :)

    Thank you for the info about Shelly's quilt. I didn't take a picture of the I absolutely LOVED that one. It and the one below it were my favorites, and that's saying something! It's so hard to pick a favorite among so many wonderful pieces.