Sunday, September 05, 2010

Guest Blogger: Zack on Homework Project

We made this for school. We made it so we could hang it up in the hallway. It is supposed to look like me. First, we got some paint and all the stuff that made the eyes. And we got some spaghetti for the hair and started making it. First we did the hair, then we did the eyes, then we did the nose, then we did the mouth. Daddy suggested it.
Thanks, Zack, for guest this guest post telling all about your first kindergarten homework assignment for the holiday weekend!


  1. Very cute, Zach! It really does look like you!

  2. Zack your face looks great!! I like the cool spaghetti hair. It will look great at Open House.

  3. Time does fly. What a lovely face! How is pre-school going?