Monday, August 16, 2010

Road Trip 2010 Mini-Album

Scrapbooking on the Go has to be called a success for me, because I have the album finished! It was really nice to finish this little book before I was past ready to be done with it. I had so much fun making it and am already enjoying looking back at the photos and memorabilia.  This mini-book has a lot of pages in it, but I'm going to show just a few to explain what I like about how it came together.

First, I like that the pages are all different sizes.  As you see in this one, there are little mini pages (made from a 4x6 photo cut in half with the two halves glued back to back), 4x6 photo pages (again, photos are just glued back to back to form the page), scalloped pages printed (at a size to make the tops stick up out of the book) and cut out, and the 5x7 cardstock pages with which I started.  In this view you can see four layers and then peel them back to reveal the layer underneath.  I like the feeling of seeing glimpses of what's ahead.
Sometimes I added little elements to make things stick up above the top of the book or out beyond the page.  On this photo of Zack walking along the path there is an embossed paper butterfly at the top corner - on the reverse side another butterfly in a different color mirrors it so that the "tab" formed by the wings is a double thickness.

Second, I loved putting in the ephemera of our vacation.  Most of the maps from cities and attractions I cut into 5x7 pages (that's the zoo map in the background behind the butterfly page above).  We spent a lot of time looking at various maps while we were on the trip so I like looking at them now and the feeling of being back there, exploring.  It was fun to combine brochures and pictures... and sometimes even food wrappers and pictures!
I didn't worry about the archival quality of anything.  I have the pictures on disk (and backed up on an external drive) so it was more important to me to enjoy adding real life pieces of our journey than to only use acid-free supplies.  That freed me to put in some of Zack's art that told stories along the way:

The whole thing was fun - both the process and the result.  As a vacation should be, right?


  1. It looks great! And so nice to have it done so quickly!

  2. I think the best part is that since you were working on it while on the vacation you were sure to remember all the great stories, which, to me, is what makes it so valuable! (Well that and the how fabulous it looks!)

  3. Wonderful Job - I wish I was that organized to do something like that