Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Red Pepper Bruchetta-like Yummy Things

I'm not sure what this recipe should be called.  It should not be called "Pepper Surprises" as it is titled in the cookbook, The Occasional Vegetarian.  Nobody wants to eat something with "Surprise" in the title.  But the result was delicious - kind of like a bruchetta on roasted pepper without the acidity.  Here is how I made it (reduced for a family dinner, slightly modified, instructions simplified), though I also really recommend the book.

The kids liked the filling but I think they need to warm up to the red pepper.  They usually eat it either cooked through (as it is in a casserole) or raw with dip.   Still, I loved it.  Some pine nuts would be a great addition to the filling.
Red Pepper Roasties?  would that be a good title?

1 red pepper
2 oz mozzerella cheese, shredded
1 oz feta cheese, crumbled,
1 T sun-dried tomatoes with oil
1 T of basil leaves

Quarter the pepper longwise, then slice it horizontally in thirds (12 pieces).  Rub some of the oil from the tomatoes on the skin and roast it on a foil-lined sheet at 400 degrees for about 20 minutes.  The edges will be a little charred.

Chop the tomatoes and basil and mix with the cheeses.  Pepper to taste.  Put a dallop in each red pepper "boat" and cook at 425 degrees for 5 more minutes or until melty.  Serve hot or room temperature.


  1. I was drooling over these and then I thought this recipe is really calling out for some bacon. I guess that would defy the point of the Occasional Vegitarian.

  2. Well, she does suggest a little prosciutto on top of a couple of recipes, just as an option ;)