Monday, March 29, 2010

Train Cake

Lately I've been feeling really desperate to write, but then for some reason I haven't been writing here. Instead I've been moping around about how I don't have any good ideas for writing fiction (yes, I know the real answer is to just start putting words on the page. sigh.).

So, I started looking back through my pictures for stuff I might post about and realized I hadn't shown Sammy's train-shaped birthday cake. This cake turned out cute but it was not easy. I was rather frustrated with the quality of my work while I was frosting it. Of course later, the imperfections of the little icing stars don't show at all. I even had trouble with them not sticking to the side of the cake. I was in a hurry, though, so I just powered through and now I'm glad I did because the difference wouldn't have shown anyway.

The engine was a Wilton pan borrowed from a friend (thanks!). The little coal car and flatbed cars were made of the extra cake batter that didn't fit in the train pan. I put it in a mini-loaf pan and then cut the top third off the resulting cake so that I'd have two cars. Oreos for wheels and crushed oreos for coal and voila! Let's pretend it was all so easy!

At least Sammy was really excited about his "choo choo happy bir-day cake". That made it worth all the trouble.


  1. Oh Deanna it's adorable! I'm sure he did love it - who wouldn't? You're very talented. I'm so glad you posted it since I didn't get to see it in person!

  2. Wow - that is seriously impressive!