Thursday, March 25, 2010

"Sammy do it!"

I guess all toddlers have some particular way of saying they want to do things themselves. Sammy's is "Sammy do it!". Anytime he doesn't want help, it's "Sammy do it!"... and when he gets frustrated and wants help after all, it's "Mommy do it" or "Daddy do it". When the activity in question has anything to do with sweet food, he goes into excited-mode, in which he tenses all over the the point of shaking and it becomes "SAMMY DO IT!!" with his lips pulled back past the point of smiling so that his bottom teeth show.

That was the case last night when he had a "vita-mix treat" (which is just a fruit smoothie made in the industrial strength blender we love so much). He was so adamant we just let him do it himself, and he did a great job. By the time he had only a half-inch of smoothie left in the bottom of his cup, I was cleaning the kitchen and not paying a lot of attention (cue the ominous music, right?). I'm thinking it was at that point that he was tipping the cup toward him but pushing the bottom of the straw away from him and not getting any smoothie. He must have tried to just drink it out of the cup because the next thing I knew he was saying "dip it? dip it?" and trying to use his straw to dip into the puddle of smoothie on his shirt. I poured the last drip into his mouth while singing out, "all done!" then quickly pulled his shirt off, hoping I could carry him upstairs without making my own shirt into a smoothie puddle... only to find he was happily soaked head to toe. Even his socks were full of smoothie!

I guess that's just how Sammy does it.


  1. Funny! Melody and Jessica both said, "My do it!"

  2. Oh I KNOW! It has it's own shadow :D