Monday, September 08, 2008

p.s. on the Sweetness

It continues. Zack didn't mind with his coloring book at the VERY BEGINNING of church today. I sadly put it away, all the while wracking my brain for some reason to give it back to him. I really thought that it was all going to fall apart if he had to sit through the whole service with no coloring. I mean, who is going to suffer, here? That's right, Mommy! But, despite my attempts to talk myself out of the situation, I managed to leave the crayons put away with no lecture from me, just the consequences talking.

I'm still amazed, but it worked out perfectly. He was well behaved and by the end of the service, the sweetest. He sang every bit of Jesus Keep Me Near the Cross, even the verses I didn't think he knew, along with the adults. It brought tears to my eyes. He listened to Daddy give the communion meditation, seeming to pay attention to it. He was such good company. I know it isn't always this beautiful, but wow - what an encouragement to me to keep working at consistency.


  1. Ya know, there was something magic about Sunday.

    Charlie made it through the singing and my girls sat still and listened a bit.

    It was a grand day.

  2. You guys give me real hope for the future!