Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Last Night

Here's a recap:

11:00 - Go to bed. Lunches made, school bags packed, Zack's overnight bag packed for Grandma's house, birthday cupcakes iced and sprinkled, clothes set out for tomorrow.

12:00 - Sammy crying, manages to get back to sleep.

1:00 - Sammy crying, manages to get back to sleep.

2:00 - Sammy crying, give up and nurse him. I think he's officially un-trained from sleeping all night.

3:00 - Phone rings, it's my friend Janis. Her water is broken and she can't reach the family that was going to keep their two year old, Quint, while she goes to the hospital. Get up and clean the guest room of scissors, craft knifes, paper cutter, paper slicer, sewing machine, rotary cutter, boxes of pins, borrowed hard drive, old computer, new computer... you get the idea. 3:30 - Quint arrives. 3:40 - another phone call that Quint's grandmother has started driving down from Dallas and will call me to get Quint around 7:30.

4:00 - Back to bed.

5:00 - Nothing happened at 5. Gee.

6:00 - Sammy crying for his normal nursing. Did that.

7:00 - Zack and Quint are up and running. They both sit in Zack's bed and Zack "reads" Knuffle Bunny to Quint, super cute.

8:00 - Quint's grandmother is still 26 miles north of Austin. Load the car while James moves and installs / reinstalls the carseats. Library books to return, Ross purchases to return, Sammy's diaper bag, Zack's overnight bag, Zack's school bag, Zack's lunch, Zack's juice with his medicine, Zack's cupcakes, Quint's overnight bag, Quints menagerie of stuffed animal friends, Quint's snacks since he wouldn't eat breakfast, Quint's juice... yeah, all that.

9:00 - Leave for Zack's school (which starts at 9). Haul in all the children, give over cupcakes, explain grandmother pickup. It's like herding cats.

10:00 - Take Quint down to his grandmother.

11:00 - Three rounds of circling the church building, bypassing construction and backing out into a main street without even hitting any UT students later, arrive at church for women's Fall Brunch.

And now we return to the regularly scheduled portion of our broadcast, in which I pack for taking a three year old and six month old on a twelve day backwoods camping trip.

Correction: Silly me, that's a THIRTEEN day backwoods camping trip.

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