Sunday, September 28, 2008

Man on the Moon

Zack has become very interested in space travel to the moon. He is specifically interested in the Niel Armstrong trip to be the first man on the moon, not just space or rockets or astronauts in general. He's always loved the moon. As an infant he wanted to stare at it like Kitten with her bowl of milk. As a toddler he and Daddy went out to look at it each night that they could, learning the names of the phases, which he would repeat in his barely understandable toddler speak. He still loves to be carried out in his jammies, with a delicious little thrill of knowing he should be in bed, to stare at it one more time. Is it that fascination with its beauty that drew him to the moon journey?

Whatever the reason, he has added the story his nightly ritual. After prayers he is tucked into bed, only to sit right back up to ask his Questions. They aren't even all questions and the answers are always the same, but he asks them without fail.
Mommy! I want to ask you some questions! When is it time to wake up? Eight o'clock.
Can I get up to go potty? One time.
Will you check on me two times? Yes.
Mommy! I have one more question I have everything I need I love you too! I love you too, goodnight.

I want to talk about something do you know what I want to talk about the man on the moon. What do you want to talk about it? I want you to tell me everything you can about it.
James will often retell the whole story for him, the tenderness of the time together overriding the importance of bedtime. That's usually more of a Daddy luxury; I find myself too interested in the inevitable lateness of the hour. Occasionally I lie down next to him and tell him the story, or have him tell it to me. It sounds markedly similar either direction.

We had a Mr. McGregor party selected and ideas had already begun fermenting in my brain when James asked him if he would rather have a Man on the Moon party. Ouch. I really didn't have any ideas for a Man on the Moon party. I don't even know what a Man on the Moon party is. The ideas did not ferment. I guess you need a starter idea for fermentation and I didn't have any. We were going off to Elk Camp, where we would be for his actual birthday, and the only time to have a party was the weekend after we got home, so everything really ought to be done before we left. But a week before Elk Camp I had nothin. I almost just cancelled it due to lack of inspiration. Finally I subjected James to a whining / brainstorming session about how I couldn't think of anything / well I had some little wisps of ideas. A letter theme coalesced immediately: M is for Man on the Moon. P is for Party, S is for Space, etc. That was at least enough to tie it together so I didn't have to give up on the thing.

I started very scattered listmaking. I had previously had a vision of getting everything all prepared and ready to go before we even left town. That vision was woefully unrealized, but I figured if I could just get the invitations out then I could plan everything else at Elk Camp.

Uhhhh.... how was I going to plan anything at Elk Camp while juggling babies in the backwoods??? Talk about unrealistic.

The last day I told my mom I HAD to come up with some ideas and plans. In five minutes of brainstorming we (she?) had the whole plan fleshed out. I hit the ground running when we got home! James was a peach doing the tasks I needed from him in the order in which I needed them done with a smile and a cheerful "What's next?" (it's possible he had been reminded... maybe once? let's say "once-ish"... that this switch from Mr. McGregor to Man on the Moon had been at his prompting). And thank the good Lord for Glenn. Our dear friend came in from Dallas just for the party and talk about helpful. Not only did he play with the kids and jump in on house prep, but he lent his artistic talents. I was really thrilled with the results. Party report to follow!

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  1. I remember in December of '05, Zack saying "moona" every time he saw the moon!

    So, where are the party pictures?