Monday, April 22, 2013

Scrapbook Layout: Yes, Sammy Gets to Play too!

This is the third of three baseball layouts I made about the boys' Fall Little League season.  This one is about Sammy tagging along with Zack's team.  Sammy is just as crazy about baseball as Zack is, so it was really sweet that he was able to play along with the big kids. 
As far as the design and the outcome, this one might be my favorite.  I got to use my three new washi tapes plus some pieces of packaging I thought were cute.  I recently bought some small letter stickers because when I tried to put together titles, all my letters were too big.  These teeny orange tile letter stickers from Basic Grey are the perfect size. 
It will rest next to the "bonus team" layout in our album, so I chose some items just to tie the two together in a pleasing way.  The paper on which the two smaller pictures is matted is used on both layouts, as is that bright orange color.  I also used black ink on the edges and droplets of Mr. Huey opaque white ink spray on both.
Oh, and I put a stamp of a tape measure showing four-and-a-half on the paper embellishment at the bottom of the page, thinking of Sammy's age.  James completely surprised me by noticing both the stamped image AND realizing the age connection.  He gets a gold star in the category of Scrapbook Appreciation for that one!


  1. This is one of my favorites of yours!! I love that you used the packaging!!

  2. You had a nice layout for this one! It suits perfectly with the pictures as it expresses fun and energy. I checked out your other work too, and I can say that people can really get a lot of interesting scrapbooking ideas from you. Keep it up!

    Jorjana Brown @