Friday, July 09, 2010

Challenge Quilt Two: Herb Garden

(click photos to see a larger version)

This is the second of a series of challenge quilts from my husband's family reunion. You can see the first challenge quilt here.  This miracle of this piece is that it's actually finished without a visit from my mom to get my moving again.  This time it was the upcoming reunion that had me inspired to get something done!

In 2005, the challenge fabric was a white calico with rosemary sprigs and small purple and fushia flowers.  I designed this miniature to pickup on that herb theme.  The blocks were taken from all over - some of the leaves were from a miniature quilting book, some were reinvented from finished pieces I saw in quilting ads, and some were designed from scratch.  The whole thing represents a garden with a path near the bottom, stacks of terra cotta pots, herbs and trees, a fence rail and the sun and sky at the top.  The finished piece is 13.5 x 16.25" and has ...wait for it... 305 pieces!

I certainly had moments where I thought the whole idea was just too much for a novice quilter.  My mom helped me early on and talked through many of the steps with me.  She is still incredulous about the little sun!  But, since we've discussed my trouble with finishing projects, I am so glad it is done.  And in time to take back to the reunion this year!

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