Wednesday, December 09, 2009


Wednesdays are Storytime days at the library. We go almost every week that they have it. There have been a variety of storytellers of the the past couple of years. Sometimes it's really well done and sometimes it's a little flat, but it really doesn't matter to the kids. I think they like the routine of it as much as the content of it. They know the Children's Librarian at our local branch and are happy to see her bring out her Clifford the Big Red Dog puppet.

Until this past week, I'd been keeping Sammy in his stroller for the Storytime. It's the preschool storytime (as opposed to the younger-focused toddler time), and he was a bit disruptive walking around. Sammy was mostly happy in the stroller, still watching the story. But the previous visit, when I let him get down to play after the little program was over, I discovered he was doing some of the motions to the songs that had been in the program. Last week, I finally let him sit on the floor with Zack and boy were they cute together.

Afterwards, we head to the children's section and I let the kids pick out books to their hearts' content (which is how we ended out with 63 items checked out earlier in the fall). I pick books for them too, trying to pull some theme-related items, some non-fiction, and some surprises.

Oh, and I always have a few items on hold waiting for me too. I pick up television shows a season at a time, books for book club, and non-fiction so that I can read and still be a pleasant member of my family!

This will definitely remain a staple of our weekly routine.


  1. I've logged hours and hours at Nanini storytime prior to the kids starting school. The songs and stories were fun, educational entertainment and also provided some socializing with kids their own age. I found it prepared them well for preschool too as they learned to follow the structured routine of organized learning. Storytime allowed the kids to practice managing their behavior (listening quietly, raising hands, following directions) according to the demands of the situation. Even so, borrowing was a concept we struggled with for years. No matter how often we carried books home with us, my children always wanted to keep them! Despite their ages, the younger kids still ask to attend on holidays and school vacations. We've had wonderful storytime experiences.

  2. Hi Maggie! Thanks for commenting! Nanini is such a great library - we still visit when we're in town! You make some good points about the advantages of storytime. We have the opposite problem with borrowing - my kids think they can check out books from the bookstore, ha!