Friday, November 14, 2008

Steak Salad

Steak Salad with Blue Cheese, Pomegranate and Shallot Lime Cream Dressing

This meal turned out fun. Probably because cooking is more fun as an experimental venture than a daily duty, especially when it turns out well. I had one lone filet mignon that I needed to use. It had been part of a multi-pack from Costco and I hadn't been happy with the way they had cooked up. Then with only one left, when was I going to serve that? Still, I didn't want it to sit in the freezer forever.

The shallots were sauteed in olive oil then reserved, with the oil, for the dressing. I just pan seared the steak, cooking it quite a long time considering it turned out just the medium doneness I prefer (James, who likes everything well done, was rather good natured about it... though I did give him the thinner, more cooked end).

The salad was romaine, very thinly sliced celery, quartered ripe olives, blue cheese and pomegranate. It was fun to show Zack what the inside of a pomegranate looks like and let him pull and eat some of the seeds.

The rest of the dressing was lime juice with salt and pepper. After adding the shallots and some extra oil to even out the acidity, we finished it out with cream and a little bit of the rendered bacon fat from the filet mignon. Decadent, I know! But, we didn't use much, and boy was it tasty!

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  1. this makes me hungry! I think you're really getting good at photography now in addition to cooking and food presentation!