Thursday, August 25, 2011

Scrapbook Layout: Kindergarten

I wanted to do a single layout looking back over Zack's whole Kindergarten year, so I put together this review. That framed picture on the top left is from the first day of school and the one of Zack and his teacher at the bottom right is from the last day of school.

There are lots of photos- 16! - so I made sure to group them pretty tightly to leave quite a bit of whitespace (or bluespace in this case) in order to give the eye some rest on the page.  To print my photos in sizes that make this easy, I made collages of two, three or four photos in Picasa and print them as 4x6's.  It's cheap and it turns out even! 

The large letters are stickers.  I had a sheet of the alphabet with only one of each letter, all capitals, all different fonts.  It was a really cute sheet but I wasn't sure what words I could make with it and I didn't have plans for an alphabet album.  I decided to jazz up my background with the alphabet tucked behind my photos instead.  A few of the letters were bright green and stood out too much, so instead of using the green ones I stamped those letters in Stampin Up Tempting Turquoise ink. 
I like how it turned out, but I think I'll go back and add some notes identifying the first and last day photos and I think I should put Zack's name in it somewhere - I missed that somehow!  Zack still likes it: